We both agree it was one of the best weeks of our lives.

It had everything–adventure, fun, drama, closeness, drinking, nature, and sex.

Oh, the sex.

The first time was incredible. Words fail to describe how high I was on him. But the second time was equally amazing.

We were back at his place. We were standing in his bedroom, talking and smoking. It had been maybe an hour since the sex in the woods, so I was slightly surprised when he pushed me back onto the bed and started to undress me.

“Really?” I said.

“Really.” He smiled, turned me over, and started doing me from behind.

I was still really sensitive from our last encounter, which made it even more delicious. Every moment caused fresh ecstasy to wash over me, inducing moans that came from deep inside and eventually turned into screams. He went slow and deep, torturing me with his well-defined head and the length of his shaft. I could feel every inch of his hard cock inside me. He rolled me over and I melted under the crush of his firm body. For the first time I noticed how muscular he was.

“I love your biceps,” I half murmured, half gasped, running my hands over them, then leaving a long trail of nail marks down his perfect arms when he started to move faster. I matched his pace, crossing my legs behind his back to take every sweet inch of him as deep as I could. We moved faster and faster, and as he brought me to the brink I started screaming.

“Oh God! Fuck! Fuck fuck fuck!”

Suddenly he stopped, saying he thought he heard something.

Sure enough, someone called his name. “A?

We lay silent, panting, trying to figure out who the intruder was but mostly willing them to go away. Could they not hear that this was a bad time to be dropping by? The exhibitionist in me smirked as we waited for the person to leave. I vaguely wondered if my screaming turned them on.

When we were pretty sure we were alone again, we picked up where we left off.





I impaled myself on him again and again, as if my life depended on it. My screams echoed through the house and mingled with the sounds of the traffic and the wind from the open window. He was moaning now too, which aroused me even more, if such a thing were possible. I put my lips to his neck and sucked until I marked him.

When we came, we came together, a moaning, screaming, tangle of limbs blinded by intense pleasure.

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