Four in a Bed

After the threesome, BFF’s boyfriend decided he needed to fly out to see her. Immediately.

BFF texted me from work and asked if we’d be interested in a foursome of sorts–two couples having sex in the same room, with some playing between the women.

YES please!

He flew in the next night after “A” and I were already asleep on the couch (at some point “A” pretty much moved into BFF’s place with me), and we met him the next morning and chatted easily over coffee.

That night he made dinner for all of us, and the more alcohol we consumed the more our conversation veered towards the sexual. BFF’s sister decided that was her cue to go for a run, and somehow we all ended up stripping off our clothes as we stumbled up the stairs, each claiming a spot on BFF’s huge bed.

“A” used BFF’s toy on me as she rubbed my breasts, and I had a tiny orgasm within minutes. Then he grabbed me, and Boyfriend grabbed BFF, and they stood on the floor beside the bed, side-by-side, banging us. I was on my back facing “A”, with my legs wrapped around him, and Boyfriend was doing BFF, who was bent over in front of him, from behind. I reached over and ran my hand over her pussy.

“Wow, you’re really wet,” I said, as my hand glistened with her juices. She moaned as boyfriend picked up speed and continued to fuck her.

“A” banged me until I was a moaning, writhing mess and I squirted as I came. When my orgasm settled he rolled me over and started doing me from behind, as BFF and Boyfriend got back on the bed and she sucked him.

“You’re good at that,” Boyfriend told her, then “A” said “Yeah, she is!” We all laughed, and she said she felt like the house whore, but you could tell she kind of liked it.

BFF got on her Boyfriend and rode him, while A continued to do me from behind.

“If you sit on her face, will she lick you?” Boyfriend asked BFF.

She giggled and said she didn’t know, and Boyfriend slid her towards me and positioned her pussy right in front of my face. I didn’t hesitate for even a beat before I started licking her. She tasted amazing.

“Mmm, you’re good at that,” she said as I licked her pussy, flicking her clit with my tongue while experiencing waves of overwhelming pleasure from being fucked as I ate her.

Boyfriend put his cock in her mouth and she sucked him. We were in some kind of sex chain, and I loved it.

The sex chain broke when I had my third, most powerful orgasm. I started moaning and screaming in my usual fashion, but it just kept going.

“Fuck! Oh God! Fuck me harder!” I screamed, moaning and shaking, completely unaware of anything besides how good he felt inside me and the wave I felt breaking.

At some point in there BFF and Boyfriend left the room–I’m assuming they went to go screw in the backyard, as they mentioned they wanted to do.

“A” and I fucked until he came all over me, then rolled me onto the bed and rubbed his cum into my skin like an exotic spa treatment.

We kissed and cuddled and lay that way for a few minutes, catching our breath.

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