Adult Friend Finder

Adult Friend Finder. For me, it is like handing a shopaholic a credit card  and setting her loose on Madison Avenue. The difference is that, when the currency is sex, there is no limit.

I didn’t pay for a premium membership. I took the free one which means I can only reply to people who’ve contacted me first. I signed up on a whim then promptly forgot about it, until two days later when I got an email telling me I had 29 new messages.

What the hell?

I signed in, and lo and behold, my profile saying I wanted to party and thumbnail image of nothing but my mid-drift had garnered a slew of replies. I was shocked.

Apparently there’s a lot of people out there just looking for good sex.

I will say this of my experiences so far. I sometimes read Penthouse Letters when I need some smut to help me get off, and just a few short months ago I was convinced that 99% of the letters were fake. There was no way there were people out there who behaved that way, who were so sexually liberated, who actually made their fantasies become a reality.

Clearly I was wrong on that front. I’m sure some people are just making shit up, but I now know, unequivocally, that there are people who are just that sexually liberated. And I’m one of them.

Adult Friend Finder. I love that website.

Detailed stories to follow.

5 Comments on “Adult Friend Finder”

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  2. […] air. I tried to email him to confirm, and his emails kept getting returned. His profile is gone of Adult Friend Finder. I wonder if his wife found out? Obviously, I’m done. Ain’t nobody got time for […]

  3. I’ve been on AFF for over 7 years now. I’ve met some really great people. Love the site also!

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