Slutty Girl Problems

#1. I haven’t had sex in about a week and I am so horny I can barely see straight.

#2. My date for today cancelled on me–again. The first time he said he was called in to work, but promised to make it up to me with a Jacuzzi suite, dinner and champagne. This time, he has apparently vanished into thin air. I tried to email him to confirm, and his emails kept getting returned. His profile is gone from Adult Friend Finder. I wonder if his wife found out? Obviously, I’m done. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

#3. My husband, as usual, is withholding because he is either tired or depressed or stressed–insert your excuse here. I’m having a hard time not decking him. If he wasn’t like this I’d like to believe I wouldn’t need to screw anyone else, period. But don’t get me wrong, I’m having fun when not painfully aroused.

#4. I may have a date at 10 PM tonight. I’m not sure. What is with these men who don’t follow through? Very frustrating. If not, I will just have to wait til tomorrow when I can rip off Mr. IT’s clothes with my teeth and fuck him senseless on the stellar rooftop patio of his condo. More on Mr. IT later. Suffice it to say that when we are together, sex is all that exists. I am starving for him.

#6. I am a book junkie. Against my better judgement, I started reading the Crossfire series. I’m the type that can’t put a book down once I start (unless it’s for food, alcohol or sex), so I have zero will-power to stop reading the smut that is  setting the space between my legs on fire even more than it usually is.

#5. My vibrator is broken. There is no god.

9 Comments on “Slutty Girl Problems”

  1. phoenixasubbie says:

    I’m reading them too. Love them but it doesn’t help sexual frustration.

    And #5 is an emergency – you need to get shopping 🙂

  2. Jen says:

    Omg #5 is a catastrophe! That for sure requires a shopping trip!! And I don’t know how anyone copes with only 1……I have three…LOL!

  3. I like you….you’re funny. I dont get men who withhold sex…seriously….crazy. Dont get too discouraged, I am sure you will find a way. Oh, and I love books as well. Great escape. I am reading 5 different ones right now.

  4. Princess says:

    Master of Arms series is better. It’s actual BDSM.

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