Daddy is not my Dad

Because this blogger explains the Daddy/Little Girl dynamic in better words than I ever could. . .

I Am His Princess and His Queen

So one of the things that gets tossed around is the incest thing in DD/lg. Not that there aren’t serious incest fantasies going around or that it doesn’t exist (Its kind of like that internet rule about porn….if you can think of it it exists in BDSM) but over all and in general that’s not really what’s going on.

I also don’t have Daddy issues. My dad was in fact, one of the more stable influences in my life. He’s a great guy who drives me nuts, just like normal dad’s do. He’s super supportive, is always there for me and my kids and contributes a great deal to my children’s lives. No he has never molested me, no there is no trauma there. Like really, its not an issue. Are there baby girls with Daddy Issues? You betcha. And I can’t speak for them. I can speak for me…

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