Money Troubles

Finding a full-time job in this economy is ridiculously difficult. Seriously considering stripping or prostitution. Don’t judge me. If I had a few hundred dollars for every man I had sex with, I’d be rolling in it.

4 Comments on “Money Troubles”

  1. kinkyfun42 says:

    I feel your pain, trust me! My husband’s current employment status is “on-call” and it has been this way for 8 months now. The hours he actually gets to work are dwindling every week. Very depressing. And he’s working so hard on finding something else but of course, it does take time. Not like in the good ol’ days when the store owner took the “help wanted” sign out of the window and you were hired right there on the spot. At least not in a city like ours..

    • It is absolutely the same in our area. We were hit bad by the recession (we are an auto industry town), and of course I graduated smack in the middle of all that mess. I feel like my degree is useless. I apply for jobs daily but rarely hear back and have only been able to find part-time work–and my contract expires at the end of this month. My husband is a grad student, so ’nuff said there, lol. The pole is looking more and more attractive every day. . .

  2. No judging here – I’ve considered it and I have a job!

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