D.F. (Parti Deux)

D.F. and I have been planning a kinky date. Not going to say much except that it will involve rope, teasing and porn. He didn’t have much time this week and we wanted to see each other, so we decided to meet up a few days ago for an hour of straight fucking. It was intensely satisfying.

When I walked in the door he told me I looked great in my little yellow dress. I was, of course, wearing nothing underneath. He started touching me immediately, running his hands up me legs and over my pussy. We kissed for a minute before he told me to sit down on the leather bench in his doorway. I sat.

He said “Show me your pussy.”

I opened my legs.

I moaned as he slowly licked me, teasing my clit with the tip of his tongue before sucking it into his mouth. He licked me out faster and harder until I was coming, then fucked me with his fingers while I panted and moaned. He stood before me and unzipped his pants, dropping them in a puddle at his feet. I drew him into my mouth and sucked him, wrapping my tongue around his big shaft, taking as much of him in as I could. I gave him head for a few minutes, struggling because he was so big, until he pulled out of my mouth.

“Bad girl,” he said, pulling me up. I smirked.

“Turn around,” he said. I turned and bent over, so wet from our foreplay and dying to feel him inside me. I moaned loudly as he entered me from behind. He fucked me fast and hard, my screams echoing against the high ceilings in his cool, dark place. When I was about to come again, he pulled me up and led me to his living room. He told me to lay back on the chaise lounge. I was still fully dressed. Pushing my dress up above my waist, he pushed his cock inside me. I let out a low moan and wrapped my legs around him, grinding against him as he screwed me. Our pace turned frantic.

“Fuck. Oh god. Fuck!”

I was screaming again.

He pulled out and thrust his fingers against my gspot, making me squirt. I was on my back with my legs in the air, and somehow managed to soak my own tits. He rolled me over then, roughly, and took me from the back. I was already swollen but his pounding felt so goddamn good.

“Rub your clit,” he commanded.

I shifted my weight to one arm, rubbing myself as he drove into me. I felt overwhelmed with sensation but when I started to let up, he said “Don’t stop. Nobody said stop,” so I kept at it, gasping and moaning and writhing as we fucked. I had what I can only describe as a continuous orgasm like that. It just kept going. I was screaming so much I was starting to go hoarse.

“Do you want all of it?” he asked.

“Yes,” I gasped, taking him so deep that I let out a yelp of pain. Instead of letting up, he grabbed my arms and pinned them behind my back, fucking me with his entire length. After awhile the pressure stopped hurting and just felt really crazy good.

“God!” I moaned, coming hard. He came seconds later. We collapsed in a heap.

3 Comments on “D.F. (Parti Deux)”

  1. plantpage says:

    So fucking hot. You’re such a good lil girl.

  2. thosebadshoes says:

    Please publish a book about your life. You will make millions.

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