Both of Us

I met Daddy at our usual hotel. He told me to get on the bed, and then laughed that I was wearing far too many clothes.

“Get naked,” he said. I stripped.

He threw my clothes on the other bed and told me to touch myself. I started to slowly finger my pussy. Daddy spread my legs further apart to give himself a better view.

“All over,” he commanded. I moved my fingers up and rubbed my clit.


I rubbed myself harder, moaning, and so turned on by being watched.

“Yes, that’s what Daddy likes to hear. Are you close, baby?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Come  for Daddy.”

An orgasm spread through my body as I moved my fingers over my clit, gasping.

Daddy grabbed me and started fucking me missionary style, then put my legs over his shoulders, screwing me deep, until I was frantic.

When he came with a growl, I came with him.

We cuddled and caught our breath, and then he grabbed his Magic Wand. He teased me by rubbing it over my tits before sliding it down to my cunt. I was instantly screaming.  Jolts of electricity shot through me until I was begging for permission to come. I squirted like a hose, soaking the bed. Daddy rolled me over to where it was dry, then grabbed a towel to put on the bed.  Within minutes the towel was soaked through–I came that hard.

He told me to move to the end of the bed, then entered me from behind. I screamed as he hit my gspot, over and over, and then asked if I could come again. I clawed the sheets as I let go, rocked by yet another orgasm.

Daddy told me I was a good girl, before commanding me to ride him. I got on top of him, cowgirl style, as he talked dirty to me.

“Yes, fuck me hard. Fuck your Daddy. Fuck me, my beautiful whore.”

Yes, Sir.

I rode him until he came, and then we lay there all tangled together.

“You’re wonderful, you know that?” He said.

I smirked. “No.”

Then he went to take his sister to the cardiologist, and I left to pick my son up from school.

Double lives, both of us.

2 Comments on “Both of Us”

  1. mala says:

    Hot… with a twist ending 🙂

  2. Heather Hale says:

    I swear this sound exactly like the scenario alphadaddydom said would happen our first meeting….magic wand and all. Very hot. Sounds like the two doms read the same manual or!

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