He gathered me in his arms, gave me a gentle kiss, and told me he’d missed me.

I melted against him and squeezed him back. It was probably our first real hug.

He told me to strip, and then positioned the chaise lounge in front of the fireplace. He turned on the TV.

“Porn?” I teased.

“No,” he said with a smile, and turned on a jazz music station.

I felt strange.

He told me to lay on my front, and said the fire would warm me up soon. Then he went and heated a bottle of oil.

He gave me a full-body massage, starting with my shoulders and slowly working his way down to my feet. He knew what he was doing. I should have been totally relaxed, but I felt off. I love massages and never get them. I should have been in heaven. But the non-sexual touch, and the jazz music, and him saying he’d missed me, was doing my head in. I wanted to leave.

I think I went there looking for hate sex. I wanted him to pound the rage out of me while I screamed and raked my nails down his back. I needed him to fix what he broke.

I think that’s what he was trying to do–fix it. But instead I just felt lonely and uncomfortable and out of place.

That is, until he started working his fingers over my ass. The non-sexual part of the massage was over. He slid his hand under me and rubbed my pussy, making me gasp. He alternated between teasing my clit with his fingers and grinding his palm against me, until I was moaning and dripping wet. When he slid his fingers inside me, I came almost instantly.

“Roll over and come here,” he said.

I turned on my back, then shimmied down to the edge of the chaise where he was sitting.

I thought he was going to fuck me, but instead, he lowered his head and ran his long, wide tongue over my open pussy. I purred. He continued to rub my pussy with his tongue, then sank it into my opening. I screamed and ground my mound into his face. He licked me out for ages while I writhed, and then rimmed my ass hole with his tongue. I shuddered and gasped as he slid two fingers inside me, then three, pushing against my g-spot. I wondered if he was going to fist me again.

He didn’t.

I came twice more, with his tongue in my ass and his fingers in my cunt, and then he walked over and stood beside me. I sucked his cock into my mouth as he rubbed and pinched my nipples, until I orgasmed again, my moaning vibrating along his shaft. Then he straddled me, and shoved his huge, throbbing cock into me.

“You love grinding against my big cock, don’t you?”

“Fuck yes!,” I screamed.

We fucked like two starving people, banging the hell out of each other until we both came, and then he held me for a long time. The weirdness crept in again.

“Stand up,” he commanded. “I want to look at your ass.”

I stood and turned my backside to him.

“You have a world-class ass,” he told me, then grabbed me and turned me around. “The rest of you is great, too. You are so fucking sexy.” He pulled me towards him, causing me to stumble, and started to eat me out again. I moaned and whimpered as he ravaged me with his tongue, then eventually gasped for him to stop because it was too much. He pulled back instantly.

I have more to say on the subject of the two of us, but that will have to wait.

Let’s just say I am happy, and afraid, and confused. And horny.

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