My Libido

It is out of control.

It is a monster constantly raging to be fed.

It is a heat in my middle that will not be extinguished–a storm constantly churning and brewing inside me.

It is all-consuming. I cannot think straight. I cannot focus. I cannot ignore my body, and it’s constant screaming to be satiated.

The beast is getting greedier. Every time I give it what it wants, it gets stronger. Louder. More demanding.

This burn will not be cooled. This thirst will not be quenched. This hunger will not be satisfied.

My addiction is escalating. I was horny before, but this is ridiculous.

I am out of control. I would fuck the next person who looks at me twice.

I am aching for my next fix.

8 Comments on “My Libido”

  1. Spunky80 says:

    Omg. I feel exactly like that. I told my bf just this morning I think there’s something wrong with me because I’m so horny all the time. So glad to know I’m not the only one.

  2. That would be a blast! :p

  3. chinaskie says:

    I know how you feel. I spent years trying to satisfy it – I was a bottomless pit of need. I write now to help understand what tries to crawl outside of me and find new “blood”. Meetings help me get perspective, and I’m in a better place than I ever was.

    It wouldn’t hurt to check out a meeting. At the very least, you get a little insight and something to write about…?

    Good luck, whatever you decide. And keep writing!

    • Thanks for the comment. That is exactly how I feel–like a bottomless pit. Some people binge-eat, some binge-drink, and apparently I binge-fuck.

      I will check out the meeting (if I wake up in time–ha). Maybe it will motivate me. Who knows? Can’t hurt.

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