Just an Update

  • Hubby and I have had sex three times in the past week. Yeah, I was shocked too. Good times.
  • I am still horny pretty much 24/7. I am also dying to take up smoking again, so I’ve started drinking to compensate. Makes sense, no?
  • Sir and I had crazy kinky sex involving plastic wrap and nipple clamps. Yum.
  • The Dom formerly known as “Daddy” is pretty pissed with me. He kept contacting me, even though I told him we were done, so I decided to be honest and tell him I have a new Dom. He was not impressed, but that’s to be expected. Who would be impressed by that turn of events?
  • Sir and I have our first real date tomorrow night. Kinda crazy. We are going to a pub night with a local poly group. I’m excited just to get out and be around other deviants, ha ha. I’ll be sure to keep you all posted on how it goes.

7 Comments on “Just an Update”

  1. BigD says:

    I love your blog and writing style. You must be highly educated and from the South.

    • Haha, Thanks.
      Educated, yes. Highly? That’s debatable.
      From the South? Not at all!

      • BigD says:

        At the very least you live in the South. In another post you talked about someone being from “up North”. Only a southerner would use that expression. Anyway, it doesn’t matter. So your husband knows about all the things you do?

      • BigD says:

        That’s interesting…My wife and I are looking for ways to “spice up” our sexual life and she’s intrigued by the idea of an open relationship. However, the idea of my wife doing what you do would be really hard for me to accept unless I could do the same things. If I were depressed and suicidal I don’t think I could do it. Anyway, I think it’d be hard with our three kids. Does your husband screw around like you do or all he does is stay at home, go to school and watch the kids?

      • He doesn’t screw around, no. The reason we have an open marriage is because he is incredibly sexually repressed. I mean, dude feels guilty even having sex with me. Thanks, Christianity. He does go out with friends and does his own thing, but not as much as I’d like him to. I always encourage him to go out and blow off steam, but he is more of a homebody than I am and not as outgoing. For instance, I belong to a few groups from MeetUp.com, and have no issues just going out and meeting strangers and having fun, but he would never do that.

        As much as I feel guilty for doing what I do, I was absolutely miserable before. I mean, obviously I’m not a ball of sunshine now either, but him refusing to lay a hand on me for months on end made me downright bereft. He says our marriage is better than it has ever been, because we are not constantly fighting about sex. Who knows what will happen in the end, but I simply could not continue like that anymore. It was either open marriage, cheating, or divorce.

      • BigD says:

        Hmm…I see. I hope it’s sustainable for both of you. So far so good, I guess.
        Anyway, what websites do you recommend for random encounters?

  2. Well, he doesn’t get the dirty details, but yes, he knows I am exploring my kinky side.

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