The Kink Party: Part 2

The kink party was fantastic.

Sir got an invite through Fet Life, and the guests were hand chosen by the host to include only friendly, open people. When we arrived, there was a group of people sitting around the island in the kitchen, eating, drinking and talking. A bunch of people welcomed us with hugs and made us feel totally at home, even though we didn’t know anyone.

There was bondage porn playing on the TV, a dungeon in the basement, and a bowl of condoms sitting on the table beside the chips and dip! We spent about an hour just getting to know everyone, and then the fun began. The host, Mr. S, kicked things off by making his submissive, Peanut, get on all fours, exposing her ass-cheeks by lifting the skirt of her skimpy french maid outfit, and spanking, punching and kicking her bare bottom. It seemed kind of brutal to me, but I knew she was a pain slut and absolutely loved it. She’d told me earlier that when she got her tattoos and piercings (she had both nipples done–so sexy!), she orgasmed each time. I watched for awhile (she had a fantastic ass, after all), then went back to the kitchen to join Sir.

When Mr.S offered to give Sir a tour of the dungeon, I was told to go too. We headed down the narrow stairs into the basement, where it was FREEZING (!), and he showed us around. There was a black bench with leather cushions big enough for two, and a cross with wrist and ankle restraints. Hung along the wall were whips and paddles of all kinds, from wide to slim, leather to bamboo. And around it all was a theater of sorts–couches and arm chairs where people could watch others do their thing. A little shiver went through me.

(To be Continued…)

4 Comments on “The Kink Party: Part 2”

  1. Look forward to part 2…

  2. […] with our local Fet Life group. I have to say, I love our little community. From the day I attended The Kink Party, it felt like coming home. That sense just gets stronger and stronger the more I connect with […]

  3. […] my Sir is away, he arranged for me to be trained by Sir.S. I get to play with him and Peanut, but only if I am a good girl. I have been asked not to fuck […]

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