The Kink Party: Part 3

(Click to read The Kink Party, Parts 1 and 2)

Sir told me to go over against the cross and spread my arms and legs. I thought he was going to restrain me, but instead he pulled up the hem of my studded faux-leather mini dress, gave me a few quick spankings, and rubbed my pussy. I moaned each time his hand connected with my body, and he and Mr. S exchanged comments about how vocal I am and what a nice ass I have. After a few minutes we headed back upstairs, Mr. S letting me go first, then turning to Sir and remarking “That way we can both watch her walk up the stairs!” I laughed.

We hung out for awhile longer, just talking. Mr. S showed us a couple of sex toys and said they were clean if anyone wanted to use them. He also showed us a Hitachi Magic Wand attachment and turned it on so we could feel it in our hands. Yow! All us girls decided we needed it immediately, and I turned to Sir and said “I know what I want for Christmas!”

People had been slowly filtering in, and at this point there was yet another knock on the door. A tall pretty girl with long brown hair walked in, wearing thigh-high leather boots, a black skirt and leather bustier. It was clear she knew Sir somehow. It was slightly awkward watching them greet each other, and eventually Sir pulled me aside and told me she was the daughter of his good friend. I laughed out loud, then went over to meet her. I found her to be kind of stand-offish, but I don’t know if that’s just her personality or if she was just completely weirded out by seeing Sir there.

Eventually a group of us decided to go back to the dungeon. Sir told me he couldn’t bring himself to fuck me in front of a girl he’d known since she was a kid (can’t blame him there!), so he said I could play on my own. The seats filled up so people could watch as Mr. S put both his girls side-by-side on the bench. They were super hot bent over in their matching french maid outfits with their ass-cheeks exposed.

“I’m so turned on right now,” I told him.

“Are you bisexual?” he asked me.

I answered in the affirmative. He gestured to Peanut and said “Help yourself”. I rubbed her ass and slowly started to finger her, first with one finger, then with two. She started to moan.

“How does that feel?” Mr. S asked her.

“It feels like ecstasy, Sir,” she gasped. I smiled.

I occasionally threw in a spanking, though my tiny little spanks made it pretty obvious I am not a Domme! As her moaning got louder I got more and more turned on, and started rubbing and pinching her pierced nipples. Mr. S was alternating between spanking Peanut and Sweetheart, then eventually hiked up my dress, exposing my black lace panties, and spanked me too. Hot! 

Mr. S said he needed more hands, and asked for volunteers. A super sexy Domme in a black leather bustier and red skirt offered to take over paddling Sweetheart, who was just lying there, totally silent, taking it.

“You have to watch her,” he said. “She is so quiet that it’s hard to tell when she’s had enough. The other day I beat her until she passed out.”

As I was fingering Peanut and playing with her nipples, she turned around and kissed me on the mouth. I kissed her back, toying with her tongue ring, and slid underneath her until she was completely on top of me.

Mr. S told her to kiss my neck, and while she was doing that I bit her ear. Then he told her to lick my pussy. “She’s dying for it,” he said. She kissed her way down my body and started rubbing my clit with her tongue. I screamed and raked my nails down her back, over and over, which made her scream.

“Have you ever been with a woman before?” Sir S asked her.

“No, Sir.”

“How does her pussy taste?”

“It tastes amazing!

He regarded me. “How does it feel knowing you’re the first pussy she’s ever had?”

I moaned and said “Ugh, that is so hot.”

Then we switched positions and I licked her swollen throbbing pussy, and listened to her screams while Mr. S fingered me.

“Isn’t her pussy beautiful?,” he asked the audience, turning me slightly and spreading my legs. “It’s so pink.”

I finished up with Peanut, pulled my dress back down over my ass, and watched while Mr. S drove her out of her mind by spanking her with his flat hand. I was still close enough that she squirted all over me with the first set of spankings.

“Have you ever been squirted on before?”

“No. God, that’s sexy.”

With every third or fourth strike she would squirt all over the floor. After several rounds of this (and Good little Sweetheart still laying there silently being whipped by the Domme), he told her to lick up her cum. She got on all fours and licked it off the dirty floor, and then Mr. S wiped off her face before excusing her.

“You little whore,” said Sir, pulling me against him and into a kiss. I smiled naughtily. I had almost forgotten he was there. “Go help her get cleaned up.”

I followed her up the stairs, and one of the men came up with me telling me how hot that had been. I smiled, then went and wiped down Peanut.

Later, I sat with her on the porch in the freezing cold, and we talked. Apparently she had always thought she might be bisexual, but she’d never actually been with a woman until that night. We threw compliments back and forth, telling each other how gorgeous we thought the other was, and before I left we exchanged numbers.

We’ve heard from her twice already. An intimate play party is in the works. Stay tuned.

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