There is a girl…

I instantly hate her, with her dark hair and her pale skin and her multiple piercings and her extensive profile full of pictures of her ass and back and tits, post-lashing. She looks hardcore, like a semi-evil sex-kitten with claws.

I feel like puking, a little.

I do not want to meet her. I do not want to be her friend. I do NOT want to get naked and get in bed with her.

But I also don’t want to be the bitch that says “I can have two lovers. I can go fuck you senseless then go home to my husband. But you can’t have that. You can have your stolen moments with me, and then you can go home to an empty bed and no one.” Not that it matters what I say, anyway. He is the Dom. And if I were to say that, I’m pretty sure I’d be the one getting kicked to the curb.

But I hate her, because she is not just an idea. She exists. She is flesh and blood and piercings and tattoos and hair. All feminine and fierce and available. 


6 Comments on “There is a girl…”

  1. chinaskie says:

    As a woman I very much relate.

  2. And you’ve found the problem that puts a snag in your little journey… Been there, done that, bought the tee shirt and still paying for the ticket… sorry 😦

  3. I get this.. Horrid feeling but still, it happens.. O.O

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