Break up: imminent

I might be breaking up with Sir today. I am going to talk with him (on the bus, because he is still refusing to come get me). I don’t see it being resolved in any way but us being done. I give my submission in exchange for being taken care of. If he just wants me to serve him then I can’t do that. I have enough demands on my energy and drains on my happiness without being a slave.

6 Comments on “Break up: imminent”

  1. rougedmount says:

    good. for. you .
    your needs not being met are simply un-excuseable, especially in this type of dynamic relationship. he is/was not worth of your gift. if he can not treat you as you need it is time to allow someone else the opportunity. he had his chance.

  2. What she said ^. You deserve better. Don’t let him snow you with more excuses and promises. I suspect he’s had a lot of practice making amends.

  3. sarecover says:

    There are better Sirs.

  4. Esaelia says:

    How did it go, sweetie?

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