About the Break-up

It didn’t happen. We are still together. I can’t seem to bring myself to let it go. Plus he is being nice to me now.

I know how pathetic I sound. I hate women like me. What I never understood is that it’s different when you’re in it.

10 Comments on “About the Break-up”

  1. TH says:

    Your actions tell you more about you than him ..

    It is fear .. It is not ideal ..
    eventually though … you will leave . This is my prediction.

    A Master who does not increase the well being of his sub will only wear her down to a point she is below her own self worth ..This is a very poor way to treat any person ..

    Stay strong princess.

  2. chinaskie says:

    Nobody can make you do what you’re not ready to do. Hopefully you’ve gotten enough feedback and support to help guide you when you want to make a change – whatever “change” means to you. I wish you clarity and strength for what lies ahead. 😊

  3. Esaelia says:

    I know too well how you are feeling. I only hope that he is truly worth it and that you know that you are worth to be treated kindly.

  4. It IS different when you are in it. I was in it for two years before the switch flipped and I’d had enough. I had to quite literally tape a sign on my phone that said, “DON’T” (this was back in the day when we used phones that were not in our purses) to stop myself from calling him.
    I get it. Remember you are worthy of time and attention and care. When the honeymoon is over, don’t let him break you.
    You know where to find me if you want to talk.

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