The Switch

The first thing I noticed when I got into The Switch’s car, was his hands. They were huge, and rough from doing manual labour. Through talking to him I’d learned that he’d been building a spanking bench, and that he did warehouse work for a living, and it showed. They were the hands of a man, and I immediately wondered how they would feel against my skin.

We grabbed a quick dinner at a local sandwich shop (it turns out he literally lives around the corner from me–bonus!), and then went back to his place. He gave me a tour of his house, including in-progress dungeon, and then led me to the kitchen where he poured me a glass of wine.

“How’s your wine?” he asked, lips pressed up against my ear.

“Good,” I replied, complete with dirty smirk.

“Nice scarf,” he said, tightening it around my neck. “We are going to use this.”

I moaned as he pinned me against the counter with his body, covering my lips with his. We kissed, grinding against each other, my wine glass dangling precariously from one hand.

“How’s your wine?” he asked again with a knowing smirk of his own.

“Good,” I purred, with new meaning, then drained my glass in one final gulp.

“Let’s go tear your clothes off.” He scooped me up and deposited me in his bedroom, on the edge of his bed. “Strip.”

I got down to my bra and thong, then cocked my head and looked at him.

“Almost there,” he laughed.

I took the rest of it off. The Switch grabbed me and turned me around, pressed his cock up against me, and then spanked me several times until my bare behind was stinging as I screamed and moaned.

“What is it you like best?” he asked in that same menacing voice. “A beating? A fucking?”

“A fucking,” I answered, so hot I could barely speak.

“Yeah? You like being fucked and choked and gang-banged and used?”


He yanked my head side-ways by my hair, and bit my lip as he pushed is big, rough fingers inside me. I moaned as he fingered me then put on a condom and slowly slid his dick inside me. He filled me, my pussy gripping his cock with each thrust. A familiar buzz met my ears and I went weak. It was a Hitachi–I’d recognize that sound anywhere. Reaching around he pressed it against my clit, and continued fucking me. My screams got louder and within less than a minute I was squirting all over his floor. 

“Who said you could squirt? Who gave you permission to do that?” he growled in my ear. This only made me hotter.

He threw me effortlessly onto the bed, proceeded to fuck me senseless, then commanded me to get on all fours with my ass in the air before he fucked me from behind again. He grabbed my scarf from where it lay on the bed, wrapped it around my neck, and pulled. I was being fucked hard and I couldn’t scream and I couldn’t breathe–I saw stars.

Gripping the headboard, I caught our reflection in the mirror behind the bed. Fucking sexy. Then at his command I was riding him, which always intoxicates me since it puts me in control and makes the man my tool. I used him to my advantage, getting myself off with his cock. Eventually he flipped me again, pinning me so I could do nothing but scream as he slammed against me with all his force.

“When you make me come,” he growled in my ear, “Where do you want it?”

“Anywhere,” I responded, too weak to think.

He fucked me hard, then rolled me over. “Open your mouth.”

Hot cum spurted out of his cock and I caught it on my tongue, then sucked him into my mouth to make sure I swallowed every drop. It tasted amazing.

“You are so fucking sexy,” he said.

I licked my lips.

8 Comments on “The Switch”

  1. plantpage says:

    Very very hot and sexy. Guess you’re back on the wagon lol.

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