41. all we’ve got at this point

I relate to so much of this. I crave excitement and adventure, and NOT just for a few stolen hours at a time. I want an adventurous life, and an adventurous partner. I need to be open, because I need that outlet. When life is dull you can start to feel like *you* are dull, and I can’t have that.

I wonder what will happen when the kids grow up? What will we do? What will we want?

3 Comments on “41. all we’ve got at this point”

  1. SukieJones says:

    Thanks you very much for the reblog. I always believed that growing older would lessen my craving for excitement and adventure, but the craving only grows stronger with each year. I’m beginning to think that when the kids fly away I’ll fly away too, and I’ll find a savvy grey-haired gentleman with an exotic wife on his arm, the kind who play roulette in fancy foreign cities, and we’ll eat and fuck and drink the days and nights away, or maybe I’ll find a hammock by the sea and a young island-man with salty skin who doesn’t speak a lick of English and we’ll eat and fuck and drink the days and nights away…

    • That sound wonderful. I could see myself doing the same. And in all honesty, I’m not sure my husband would mind. He often says if he were single he’d be a workaholic, and that he never wants to retire. Maybe I’ll spend my days travelling and screwing and dancing and he’ll spend his researching and writing, and we’ll come together for the holidays at the family cabin when our kids come back to visit. Who knows.

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