The Runner

I didn’t tell my husband about my date, but I’m sure he knew what I was up to. I went from complaining that I don’t know anyone yet and have no social life, to announcing that I was going to such and such a bar. I also haven’t exactly been hiding the fact that I’m back on Adult Friend Finder–I mean, I didn’t tell him, but I’ve been browsing it while he’s in the room. What makes me certain that he knows what I’ve been up to though, is the fact that when I told him I was going out, he didn’t ask who I was meeting. He knows I am at it again.

Mercifully, he took the kids to the playground while I was getting ready. It is always painfully awkward getting all dolled up to go see another man, while my husband is still in the vicinity.

I put on a red pencil skirt and red heels, and made my uncomfortable way to The Runner’s place (I’d forgotten how much cheap heels hurt the feet!), where we were meeting before dinner. When I texted that I was there, he met me at the door to the building and led me inside to his condo. The Runner mixed us a couple of drinks, and we sat on the couch and talked, before moving outside to his huge patio to enjoy the sun. We chatted and got to know each other a bit–we mostly talked work, cities we’d lived in, sexy adventures and fantasies.

We went into the kitchen to top up our drinks, and wound up groping and kissing.

“Do you want me to bend you over the end of the bed?” he asked.

“Yesss,” I moaned.

His cock was perfect. Thick, just the way I like it, but average length so when he is pounding me he doesn’t smack my cervix and make me yelp in pain. He fucked me hard from behind while I screamed and grasped the sheets. The relentless pounding on my g-spot from his big, fat cock made me moan “I’m going to  squirt.”

“Squirt for me.”

I started to rub my clit and in less then a second I was gushing all over his floor. It was torrential. After I squirted he came, talking dirty, and then told me to get on the bed. I was expecting a break and gasped that I needed water, but he said he wasn’t done with me yet–that when my pussy got too sore he was going to take my ass. He mounted me while I lay flat on my back, slowly fucking me until I squirted all over his cock again. He came a second time, ate me out for a few minutes, then got us both glasses of water.

“Are you worn out?” asked The Runner. “Because I could go again right now.”

I laughed. “I think I need a few minutes. Maybe another drink, some time in the sun…” He gave me a jersey to throw over my head, and we went outside.

He said it was actually a good thing we were out there, because hopefully then the neighbours would know that he hadn’t murdered me. I’m a bit of a screamer.

When we moved back inside it was more of the same. More animal fucking, dirty talk, and me screaming my head off. We fucked for hours. He is the only man I have ever met who can come and still be hard immediately after.  At one point I gasped “This is physiologically impossible!” He just laughed and told me I hadn’t seen anything yet.

When I was dying of hunger, we decided it was time to hit the bar for dinner. As we were getting cleaned up, there was a knock on the door. We looked at each other with raised eyebrows, and I stepped out of sight.

“Hi, there. We received a call that there was some screaming. Is everything okay?”

“Yes, everything’s fine, officer.”

Oh my god, it’s the police. 

“Are you alone?”

“Uhhh…no, I’m not. Come on out,” he said to me.

I popped out from the living room. “Hi!” I said brightly.

Then The Runner and I both dissolved into laughter.

The cop smiled good naturedly. “So, we received a report that there was some screaming, and your neighbours were concerned. They weren’t sure whether it was pleasurable screaming, or someone was in trouble, so we told them we’d come check it out. Is there anyone else here?”

“Nope, it’s just us,” laughed The Runner.

“Do you mind if I take a look around?”

“Sure, go ahead.”

The officer checked out the all the rooms and was satisfied that we did not, indeed,  have anyone whom we were torturing stuffed inside a closet. We apologized profusely for wasting their time and were assured that they get tons of calls like this, and then he left to continue keeping crime off the streets, and we left to go eat.

Good times.

After dinner we went back to The Runner’s condo for rounds 4 and 5, this time with me gagged with his boxers.

Round 6 is tonight.

6 Comments on “The Runner”

  1. d says:

    RE : He is the only man I have ever met who can come and still be hard immediately after.

    My friends Gf once told me how good my mate was in bed and how he could keep hard after cuming .. ummm I thought doesn’t she get it .. he was pumping blue badges of courage , it is common practice and for those odd men who stay hard they loose the ability to boast on a level playing field .. The problem came after he was told to back off the pills after they got married , as he couldn’t keep it up without the pills .. he is back on the pills trying to keep her from other men and deal with the high blood pressure ..

    • It’s possible. He told me he took viagara once and it made zero difference to his performance, but of course people do lie.

      Then again, its also possible he is just a sexual anomaly. Everyone is different!

  2. Enid Coleslaw says:

    Cops called, check! Well done. 😉

  3. plantpage says:

    Very very nice

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