Well That Escalated Quickly…

I fucked him last night on my way home from work. At first my pussy was so swollen from the day before that I was worried I wouldn’t enjoy it, but within a minute or two I was screaming into a pillow. He does this thing…he tells me dirty stories in my ear. Weaves fantasies. Gets me off with both his words and his touch. I could write a collection of erotica with nothing but the scenarios he comes up with.

We fucked again tonight. The words “Daddy” and “Baby Girl” came out of both our mouths over and over. I didn’t even know he was a Dom, let alone a Daddy. I didn’t mention being a submissive on my AFF profile. Maybe we just recognized each other–out of over 100 men, I chose him.

Who am I kidding? I chose him because he wanted to meet for drinks instead of coffee.

I have a dom again–how do I keep unintentionally walking into this kind of relationship? He didn’t want me to be his submissive either–as a general rule he does not date the women he doms. But here we are anyway.

Fucking. Dating. Daddy/Baby girl.

That escalated quickly.

8 Comments on “Well That Escalated Quickly…”

  1. Cinnamon says:

    Please be careful. I know it’s not my place, but you don’t know this person. In a power exchange relationship, that can equal disaster… or worse.

  2. plantpage says:

    You’re not demented. Stop beating yourself up.

  3. d says:

    Here we go again 🙂

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