Small Victories

I just got in from a pub crawl with some new friends here in the city. Before I pour myself into bed, I would just like to say that despite being hit on multiple times, I did not hook up with anyone. #smallvictories


2 Comments on “Small Victories”

  1. D says:

    It is a hard balance .. zero activity leads to an insatiable desire to break out , it is your natural sexual preference , nothing wrong with that .. On the other hand expressing fully ( given your setup) leads to an over balance point ..
    Ideally for you I think about what is needed to bring happiness in your life , a husband who knows what you need and allows for it ( maybe even enjoys it fully and encourages you to explore , and perhaps joins ) would be your ideal life .. then be mother at home , be who you feel is really you .. ultimately we have one life , and it should be lived fully not half full … Sexual expression can become addictive and destructive like alcohol .. but in your case you simply desire submission .. and currently in the past you are trying to get that outside of a marriage and in secret .. it is a difficult solution because neither life is right yet the two together make total sense together for you ..

    I hope you find this some how because it is where I think you need to be and have the courage to get there . Then these blogs might stop .. maybe .. maybe they will have happiness woven in them ..

    x D

  2. D says:

    ps.. the pattern of resist and behave followed by breaking out , trying to keep to the centre as close as possible .. This pattern can be very consuming emotionally and as you become older it will not be sustainable . You can only swim against a river flow for so long .. once the spirit tires the fight can no longer take place ..
    Hopefully , you will find a path through that , but there is no moving how it works .. it works that way for every human out there with demons ..

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