A Kid in a Toy Store

Daddy took me toy shopping today.

We met at his place, fucked for an hour, then set off for the sex shop.

He’d worked all weekend out of town, and then spent last night at an orgy where he nailed 6 women total. He drove home this morning at 5 AM and took a nap before our play date.

“If it wasn’t you, I’d have canceled,” he said. “I am bagged.”

I was flattered. I told him we didn’t have to play if he was too tired, but he said “Even with all the women I fucked last night, I was still missing you.”

Sweet talk? Most definitely. Still, it’s nice to hear.

I was shocked at how long he lasted considering his exhaustion. We cuddled for a few minutes afterwards, and then drove to the sex shop which was located in a nearby mall. We walked in holding hands, poly out and proud, and he bought me a cookie from a gourmet cookie shop.

When we got to the sex store, the hot shop girl came over and asked if we needed help picking anything out. She recommended her favourite anal plugs from personal experience, anal lube and relaxing anal spray that instantly makes your body loosen up as though you’ve had three glasses of wine.

We also picked out a ball gag and a vibrating dildo, and then Daddy paid for my new toys and said “$200 well spent!”

“Thank you Daddy,” I giggled.

When we got back to the car he told me to put in the small ass plug. “We need to get you warmed up so I don’t hurt you with my cock when I finally fuck your ass.”

I smiled, took a deep breath, and after cleaning it and applying some lube, slid it in without too much resistance.

“How does it feel?” he asked.

“Interesting,” I replied with a dirty smirk.

We decided to grab dinner on the way back to his place, and he fingered me in the car all the way to the drive-through and then home.

He turned on porn and poured me a drink while we ate, then made me clean my new vibrator and slid it inside me.The pressure was crazy combined with the anal plug.  I sat beside him, squirming and gasping while he finished his food.

“Ready for my cock?” he asked.

He turned off the vibe, left in the plug, and led me to his room. After 10 seconds in my mouth he was rock hard and fucking me. I squirted over and over again and got spanked when I screamed too loud. The ball gag would have come in handy, but we didn’t feel like wasting time cleaning it!

After another hour long fuck, we cuddled on the bed. We talked, the way you talk when you’ve just met someone and you envision things working out, whether they are actually likely to or not. We talked about concerts he wanted to take me to, restaurants we wanted to try, weekend trips to the mountains, me using his condo as a quiet place to rest after my tubal surgery.

I am not the only woman in his life, and I like that. My previous Sir dated me for 5 months then dumped me when he realized he would never be the main person in my life. Daddy is actually poly, for real. He has a long-distance girlfriend that he sees once a month (they lived in the same city until a year and a half ago and have maintained their relationship since he moved), and another married woman with whom he has a friends with benefits relationship. He has been with his girlfriend for four years, his lover for two, and has actually managed to sustain these relationships. His track record is much better than mine.

He told me today that now that I am his baby girl, he needs to “declare” me to the others–yay for everyone being on board!  I’m not sure if/when I’ll meet his fwb, but his girlfriend is coming in a few weeks and he wants us to all go out for dinner and drinks together and maybe to a sex club.

When it was time for me to go, he packed up my toys and sent them home with me. “Now you have something to play with when I’m not around.”

He texted me tonight to let me know he changed his profiles on Alt and AFF to indicate that he has a Baby Girl and is now only looking for people who might want to join us. Then he asked me to change my profile on AFF to indicate that condom use is non-negotiable. Cue huge sigh of relief.

We are going out again on Friday. We’ve tossed around the idea of a sex club, a strip club, or a date night with dinner, dancing and fucking.

All is well…for now.

6 Comments on “A Kid in a Toy Store”

  1. Spunky80 says:

    Lucky girl! Good for you 🙂

  2. plantpage says:

    Are you sure you can handle being #3? You’re so much better than 3.

  3. plantpage says:

    As long as you know. If he isn’t gonna be there for you when you need him then you’re back to where you started. Sounds to me he just wants all the pussy that he can get. Sure you’re new and somewhat special to him. But when push comes to shove you will only at best be number 3 on his radar. You need someone who will think of you as 1. Even though you are already in a marriage. He may ultimately be YOUR 2 but I think deep down you want someone to be 1 in his eyes. The one who can balance your sexual and emotional needs. The one who understands your marriage aspects. The one that won’t blow you off if things get rocky or just to be there because you to talk or vent about non sexual stuff.

    Maybe I’m totally wrong about this situation. I hope so because I truly want you happy.

  4. plantpage says:

    Time will tell of course. I’m hoping for the best for you.

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