Daddy Updates

A few updates on things with Daddy:

Sugar Daddy?

The past week with Daddy has been great. Lots of sex, of course, and he has really spoiled me this week. He took me shopping on Friday night and bought me some slutty clothes. It’s funny–he pointed out a particular dress that I have been wanting for months and said “You would look great in that.” I tried it on, and we both liked it so we got it, along with another short black skirt and something from the sex shop that I will only be wearing when our schedules finally line up for me to attend an orgy with him with his friends from out of town.

I asked him what he typically wears to these things, and he said business clothes. Women always dress really sexy, but he thinks men look like jack-asses in leather pants. I told him I have wanted a pair of leather pants since I was thirteen, haha, and he said he thinks they’d look great on me but he’d rather spend several hundred dollars taking me to do something fun. I raised an eyebrow and told him I planned on buying some myself. I hope he doesn’t think that every time I mention something that I want or would like to do, I am asking him to pay for it. He has been crazy generous but I am not asking him to spend his money on me. I love the fact that with him I have opportunities to do things that I wouldn’t ordinarily be able to afford to do, but I just like being with him.

On the way home from shopping we stopped for pizza, and he said he hates doing that.

“I want to feed you a real meal like a grown-up, but if we do dinner this late we won’t have enough time for sex.”

I assured him I am quite happy with pizza, but it makes me happy that he would have preferred to take me out.

Nipple Piercing

Yesterday he took me to get my early birthday present–nipple piercings! I have been wanting to get a piercing of some kind for awhile but kept changing my mind on what I wanted done–eyebrow? Lip? Tongue? Belly button? He suggested nipples and I loved the idea, so we went and got it done.

When they gave me the paperwork there was a place for a parent/guardian to sign in the case of minors, and I asked Daddy if he wanted to sign it. He laughed and called me a smart-ass.

I was nervous because a friend told me that it was extremely painful and that I should ask for two piercers because if I got one done I wouldn’t go through with the second one, but I took it like a champ. Daddy was impressed at how well I handled it. I DID yell “Son of a bitch! Are you serious!?” but there were no tears or histrionics. It helped that Daddy was holding my hand and the piercer was hot! And now I’m the proud owner of nipple jewelry–I love the fact that my outward image is finally starting to come in line with who I feel I am on the inside.

Now for a couple more tattoos….

After we that, we went back to Daddy’s place and ate, and then we went hard in the bedroom for a couple of hours. I was LOUD and after him telling me to be quieter several times, he made me get up and get the ball gag. Not going to lie, it was sexy as fuck.

“That’s better,” he said of my muffled moans and screams. He told me it looked great around my neck and made him imagine how I’d look in a collar. We’ll see what happens with that!

The Girlfriend

Daddy’s girlfriend is coming up this weekend. She got a couple of job offers in the city so she is moving for sure, and she put in an offer on a condo and got that, too. I’m not going to lie, I’m a little nervous. If she takes the job she thinks she is going to take, she will be working some weekends and also doing some shift work, so Daddy should still have a decent amount of free time. She also has her daughter moving with her and will have to take her back to their old city for some weekends to visit the father. Daddy says she understands that he has other women in his life and that she has to share him, but I’m still apprehensive.

She said that she wants to meet me and is interested in playing together, but, and I quote, she wants to make sure I know “who the girlfriend is.” Right, then. Consider me put in my place.

I guess what I want to know is, what does that mean? That she comes first? That she will be a bigger part of his life? All of that is okay. I just am not sure how I feel if she means she doesn’t want him to care about me. I am fine with being a secondary relationship (as he is to me), but I still consider it a relationship and I hope he does too.

I am tempted to shrink back. Guard my heart. Think of him as nothing but a friend with benefits, which maybe he is, but I hope the friend part is genuine–that I still matter. Time will tell, I suppose. We are having a great time and really enjoying each other, and I guess that is all I can ask for right now. That is what I wanted out of this, after all.

The Rules 

Daddy has given me my rules. I am allowed to fuck other men (and obviously my husband whenever I want), but not to have regular male play partners. I can seize opportunities but not search them out.

I can do whatever I want with women, including having a girlfriend, as long as I still have time for Daddy. I don’t have time for a girlfriend right now, but maybe when Daddy’s girlfriend moves to the city I will.

I am to either wear no panties when I come to Daddy’s house, or if I choose to wear panties then I am to have an ass plug in.

I am to be shaved or waxed at all times–I am getting waxed for the summer so Daddy is giving me a grace period on the shaving for now!

I also have regular homework assignments–this week Daddy wants me to take my time and write down all my wants and fantasies, and then email them to him. He wants to know every dirty thing I want to do. He wants me to be shameless.

That’s all from this baby girl for now.

3 Comments on “Daddy Updates”

  1. d says:

    “I guess what I want to know is, what does that mean?”
    .. I thought you may have learned from last time ? keep only one toe in the water

  2. plantpage says:

    Hope he isn’t showering you with all this attention because he knows that his time with you will be less and sporadic.

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