I don’t know (Part III)

(I don’t know part I)

(I don’t know part II)

Oh, fuck. Where do I even start?

Daddy texted me on monday morning saying it was kind of depressing waking up that morning with no beautiful women beside him. The following exchange took place through out the day, alternating between text messages and phone calls.

I thought about replying with “I’m depressed too,” but went with “Hear from Jailbait?”

“Yes,” he said. “She is so horny she can barely think and wishes she was still in town!”

“You should probably consult the guild before you add another. I think your lover, your girlfriend and your baby girl could probably take you.”


“I’m serious.”

“She is not going to move down, just visit once in awhile.”

“She better know her place. I have nails.”

“Be nice. I think she has a crush on you.”

“She does not.”

“Okay. I think she’s cute and fun, but I am not sharing my baby girl status with her. She can have you as a man, but despite my best efforts, I just can’t share my Daddy. Nor am I competing for bedspace and shower time.”

“Point taken.”

“I told her she is never to call me Daddy again. That is just for you.”


“She may be up this weekend, but after that we won’t see her for a couple months.”

“Oh, for fuck’s sake!”

“She’s never going to take your place. Settle down.”

“Tell that to my 24 hours of body wracking sobs.”

“Well, TALK to me next time you are upset! I am not a mind-reader.”

“I didn’t want to monopolize the situation while she was still there. That wouldn’t have been fair to Jailbait. Hence my waiting until you were both asleep for the sobbing to commence.”

“Sigh. You’re my slut. She’s a slut in training. When she’s here for the weekend she will be my focus because she’s up from out of town. You get me all the time.”

“Not the way she does!”

“Really??? You get all of me tomorrow.”

“So if you are going to focus on her then be honest, but don’t promise me shower and patio sex and middle of the night fucking and then take it back because you used it all up on her!”

“Hey, not fair! I had plans to use you HARD–but my cock got bent in half and kind of messed up my plans.”

“Also, let’s recap. No middle of the night sex for me EVER, no total domination for me EVER, no patio sex or showers for me EVER. I have never had those things, so no, I don’t get you the way she does.”

“You haven’t slept over before so that kind of eliminates some of those.”

“Have I been asked to? No, I have not.”

“I did so ask you. And keep being a whiny bitch. We won’t do patio time in the sun tomorrow, we’ll do you domination time.”

“Until you rectify this situation I will pass on any more time with her. You haven’t asked me to sleep over for a specific date. You need to ask me for real and let me know. And if you didn’t go back on plans to take me away for a weekend we could have the whole weekend too.”

(If I go away for the weekend, my husband’s parents will come get him and the kids and spend the weekend with them at the cabin. He is not comfortable asking them to do that if I am going to be in town for the weekend, since there is no reason for me to be gone for days at a time if I am just hanging out up the street. We don’t have a car yet so he can’t just take the kids there by himself, and his parents would have to do 4 3 hour round trips.)

“Do you know why I haven’t planned a weekend with you? Because things come up at work all the time! I planned to go to Mexico in August and now that is not going to happen because I have too much work. I booked off (local festival) week in JANUARY and I just found out I can’t go because I need to be at a presentation. (Festival name) is like Christmas to me. It’s when I see all my old friends, it is my favourite time of the year. I would rather work December 25th! Would it be fair to your family for me to plan a weekend with you, for you to make your in-laws arrange plans around it, and then for me to have to cancel? That would really suck. I want to take you away.”

“Okay. Well, then you shouldn’t say things if you are not going to follow through. It’s not just this weekend. You said you were going to get me a collar weeks ago when we went shopping and you didn’t. You said you would cuddle with me all night and you didn’t. You say shit all the time and you don’t end up doing it and it makes me feel like I can’t trust you. I feel like half the time you are just talking.”

“The collar thing pisses me off the most of anything you’ve said.”

“I know I have no right to demand a collar, if you don’t want to collar me that’s fine, but just don’t tell me you’re going to and then not do it! If you change your mind, just say ‘I changed my mind, you’re not ready to be collared–‘”

“Stop. I looked for collars. There was nothing there. Did you see anything when we were there?”

“Yes, I did!”

“I’m not going to buy you some cheap piece of shit. I am going to collar you when I find the right collar. Do you know how many collar I have bought in my life?”


“Two! I take it very seriously. You are going to be my little collared slut, and you are going to wait until I find a collar that is right for you. Do I make myself clear?”

Heat spread through my body. I suddenly felt like I was in the eye of a storm. “Yes, Sir.”

“That’s better. The one thing I do feel really bad about is not spooning with you all night. I passed out in the middle. I was not happy about it. I wanted to be beside you all night and I wanted to fuck you all night. I wanted that time with you.”

“Okay, Sir.”

“Do you really feel like you can’t trust me?”

“Yes. I need you to either not say things, or to follow through on them. I’m sorry if you don’t like that,  but that’s just the way I am.”

“I say things because I want them to happen. I’m not just blowing smoke up your ass. Not everything is going to happen right away, but if I say something, we will do it.”

I sighed. “I need you to tell me what to do.”

“What do I want you to do? I want you to know that I think you’re outstanding. Girlfriend is number 1, but you’re number 2, and you don’t need to be jealous. Jailbait isn’t even in the same realm. She was sucking my dick, while you and I were talking about economic policy and race relations. She has nothing on you.”

“Wait, I’m not number 2. What about Yoga Girl?”

“I’m her lover on the side. You and I have more than that.”

“Okay, Sir.”

“When can you spend the night with me?”


“If you can, no one will be happier than me.”

“I’m glad we are able to have problems…and work through them.”

“Me too, Sir.”

“Daddy loves you.”

“I love you too, Daddy.”

(Stay tuned for the next episode, in which my dumping him is completely ignored)

7 Comments on “I don’t know (Part III)”

  1. plantpage says:

    Too much of a rollercoaster for you.

  2. Cinnamon says:


  3. Wow. This rings true for my ex-relationship too!
    “Well, then you shouldn’t say things if you are not going to follow through.”
    That’s pretty much what I said you my Master. I then called him a liar because he went back on his word so many times. And yes… a few days later he dumped me!

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