If I know that you are an asshole…

Why does it still hurt so bad?

5 Comments on “If I know that you are an asshole…”

  1. chinaskie says:

    Because he wasn’t always an asshole.

    Drug addicts don’t remember the bad highs as well as they do the good ones. It’s why they keep using.

  2. I have not been around much, but I’m here if you need to talk.
    I’m sorry you are hurting.

  3. It took me more than two years to get over one of my boyfriends. I cried more over losing him than I did when my mother died. Now he’s back in my life as a friend and I am keeping very good distance between us. The woman he left me for four years ago just dumped him and he is devastated. If I wasn’t Buddhist, I would be happy about it.

    • Yeah…I am ashamed to say that I’ve cried more than I did when I had my abortion.

      I’ve cried harder than when my grandmother died.

      We weren’t even together that long, but I am just crushed.

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