Playlist Call-Out (I Don’t Need You)


All right, people. I’m really enjoying listening to angry “I don’t need you” break-up songs, at the moment.

Very empowering.

My playlist is pretty small so far, so please feel free to add your own. Whadda ya got?

The List:

Good Charlotte, I Don’t Wanna Be In Love

Alanis Morisette, You Oughta Know

Taylor Swift, I Knew You Were Trouble

The Band Perry, You Lie

Rhianna, Love The Way You Lie

Kim Stockwood, You Jerk

Pink, You Make Me Sick

Beyonce, Irreplaceable

Rhianna, Take A Bow

Jason Derula, Whatcha Say? (In this one I pretend that I’m the girl and he’s begging me to take him back and I’m telling him to fuck off)

Fiona Apple, Get Gone

The All-American Rejects, Gives You Hell

CeeLo Green, Fuck You

8 Comments on “Playlist Call-Out (I Don’t Need You)”

  1. Spunky80 says:

    I Hate Everything About You by Three Days Grace.

  2. chinaskie says:

    “Precious” by the Pretenders
    “Broken Box” Queens of the Stone Age

    Both have great opportunities for cursing loudly 😀

    For dancing and acting girl gangsta:
    “Love Don’t Cost A Thing” – JLo
    “Heartbreaker” – Danity Kane

  3. Spunky80 says:

    What Do I Have To Do & Shame by Stabbing Westward. Scars by Papa Roach

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