As Close to Closure As I’m Likely to Get from This One

(Via Text)

Sugar “Daddy”: How was your birthday?

Me: Ummm, I woke up crying, spent the day with my family, then went to a bon fire with a couple from Fet and got hammered and fucked. So not quite what I’d planned, but we’ll call it a draw.

Sugar “Daddy”: Fucked the hubby, or the couple?

Me: Both

Sugar “Daddy”: Slut 😉

Me: Right? Though fucked would be an overstatement from the random guy….lol..he was like “That was intense,” and I was like “No, *I* am intense. You kind of suck.”

Sugar “Daddy”: You miss me 🙂

Me: Your dick. Aside from that I think you’re kind of annoying.

Sugar “Daddy”: You love me, and the presents I bought you.

Me: Dude. I wanted YOU. Why do you think I suggested camping instead of (mountain resort)? I didn’t want your goddamn money, I wanted your time. But it’s fine. We are not right for each other. Sometimes we love the wrong people.

Sugar “Daddy: I’ll just use you for sex…and you can use me.

Me: Good night, (his name).

Update: And there is more…I thought the conversation was over but apparently it is still alive and well. FML. And also, fuck my life.

4 Comments on “As Close to Closure As I’m Likely to Get from This One”

  1. plantpage says:

    Was glad to see you ended the first conversation. Good job.

    This is just my opinion. The more conversations that you have the more likely he will break you down and convince you to see him and fuck him. Are you able to to fuck him without getting attached and feelings? You’ve worked so hard to move on. Don’t let him take over your head. In the long run it isn’t worth it. Even if the fucking is great.

  2. chinaskie says:

    Now would be a great time to go read old posts. That way you can relive everything he brings to your life without having to actually go through it all again…

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