Change of Tack

Someone saved my life tonight, Sugar bear.

You almost had your hooks in me, didn’t you dear?


So many sweet words after the horribleness you unleashed on me the other night. I blocked your number, so you found me on Alt. And I blocked you there, so you found me on Adult Friend Finder. I’m still your baby girl, you told me. I will have Daddy back as soon as I have been severely disciplined.

Oh, you will try anything, won’t you? If you’d have been smart enough to use that tack in the first place…maybe I would have come crawling back. 

As it stands, despite the fact that my cooch is literally dripping…you will never get your hands on me again. I see no reason why I should do that to myself. 

5 Comments on “Change of Tack”

  1. plantpage says:

    I’m very proud of you.

  2. Esaelia says:

    Also proud, and be careful. He sounds dangerous not being able to let go.

    • The thing is, he doesn’t want me. He just wants to hurt and degrade me. He has a problem.

      I never thought of him doing anything to physically threaten me before, but your comment gave me chills. I will have to do my best to avoid him.

  3. Esaelia says:

    Don’t be afraid, but be careful. He sounds like a psychopath to me. Lots of love!

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