Interesting turn of events with Dark Daddy. Today he broached the subject of hooking up with a couple of his exes. Two of them have asked if, in light of his rapidly approaching move to my neck of the woods, they could have “one last time with him”, for “closure.” He hasn’t been with either of them in over a year, but still goes out with them as friends. And he asked me what I thought.

I of course, told him that I would be jealous because I am dying for him to be in me, haha, but that he should go for it.

I haven’t asked him what he’s been doing–it’s none of my business, and frankly, I don’t really want to know–so I was surprised that he talked to me about it. I do appreciate it, though. It shows a lot more respect than to act as though because he is the dominant one, the way I feel doesn’t matter. I know that officially he owes me nothing–but the fact that he cares enough to run it by me, even though he absolutely does not need to and there is really no way I would ever find out–makes me feel really good.

I’m very much looking forward to meeting him in a week or two.

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