Feather, Fur and Fin

I am on the verge of taking to my bed, and not coming out for the remainder of my stay on planet Earth.

My nerves cannot handle being human. I am convinced that my evolution was a mistake and I should have been something less complicated–a house cat, perhaps? A tree?

I would not want to be an ant, working my butt off to guard against starvation.

I would not want to be a caterpillar, slowly crawling along, blissfully eating leaves, before going through hell just to come out as something “more beautiful.”

I would not want to be a dog…I could not handle being man’s best friend. Waiting around all day for my owner to get home and pet me, feed me, walk me, play with me. Crying at the slightest sign of his displeasure. Preferring to lay down and die when he dies, than go on without him.

And yet, somehow, as a human, I have managed to land myself in a place where I am all of these things, anyway.

I did not ask to be highly evolved. Can I be a star instead? Something that has no idea it even exists, until it eventually falls out of the sky or burns right out?

I am about to burn right out.

5 Comments on “Feather, Fur and Fin”

  1. plantpage says:

    Stay cool cucumber

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