30 Days of Truth: Passion

30 Days of Truth, Day 2: Something you love about yourself.


I am a very passionate person. When I love, I love hard. A great many things excite and enthuse me. I get worked up over political issues and social injustices, and am moved by every day miracles like sunshine and newborns. I am as passionate about the little things as I am about the big things–I love a warm, long hug, and have a hard love for the mattress, duvet and pillows that combine to make my bed.

The right combination of music and lyrics can penetrate my soul, and I am hugely enthusiastic about good food and good sex. I am a passionate appreciator of anything that feels good for the body, or is good for the soul.

I love my passion. It is my defining trait, and I wouldn’t be me without it.


2 Comments on “30 Days of Truth: Passion”

  1. plantpage says:

    That’s a great quality that you have. Don’t ever lose it.

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