30 Days of Truth: Worth Living For






30 Days of Truth, Day 7: Someone whose made your life worth living for.

My children are literally my reason for living. When I am in a dark place, and I just want to give up, I know that I can’t…because they need me. They don’t just need me to buy their clothes and make their food and brush their teeth–those are all things that could be taken over by someone else. They need me because I am their mother, period. While sometimes, when I am feeling so low I can barely manage to go on, I can convince myself that if I were no longer here they’d be taken care of…

I know that isn’t the point. I am their mother. No one hugs like I do. No one has my voice, or my smell. No one else tickles the same way, or gives the same kind of kisses. There is no one else out there who literally spent hours doing nothing but holding them when they were tiny.

I am their mama. I cannot be replaced. So I hang in there, even when it is the last thing I want to do.Even when my hair’s falling out, my life is a mess, and I’m crazy.


2 Comments on “30 Days of Truth: Worth Living For”

  1. A_Female says:

    Having my son has kept me alive and moving forward more than just about anything else I can think of.

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