30 Days of Truth: Shutterbug


I am a shutterbug. I love photography and I always have. When I was a kid I bought tons of disposable cameras before buying a film camera and then eventually going digital. I haven’t taken any photography classes, though I have always wanted to. I really started to learn when I joined an online photography community. The other photographers suggested articles, tips, and shared their own photos to inspire each other. At first I was often frustrated–I couldn’t get the results I wanted and would sometimes end up in tears, ready to give up. But as with just about anything else, practice makes perfect. I do not know everything there is to know about taking good photos–not by a long shot–but I am at least at a place where in most circumstances I know what to do with my camera, and where to place myself and my subject in order to get the results that I want.

I get complimented a lot on my photography now. I have even considered it as a career, or as a side-job. In fact, I was in the process of starting up a business when I got my current job. I still have my portfolio and I would love to break into the market here. I am thinking drag shows, kinky events and same-sex weddings/collaring ceremonies would be an awesome niche market for me to explore.

I definitely still enjoy photography for photography’s sake, business or not. It helps me appreciate all the beauty in the world. I have trained my eye to notice beautiful light, reflections in peoples’ eyes, little details that might have gone unnoticed if the camera had not been my constant companion for the past 5 years.


I love photography and I always will, and though I don’t do it for the compliments, it feels great when someone else takes notice of a great shot and tells me they appreciate the fruits of all the hard work I put into learning this craft.

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