30 Days of Truth: Hot Mess


messy30 Days of Truth, Day 12: Something you never get compliments on

I am not tidy or organized. I am not great at the housekeeping. It’s not that I don’t care (though I mostly don’t). It is more that I just don’t notice the details, like the sink being full of dishes, the clothes on the floor, or the garbage that needs to go out.

This annoys those around me to no end. It was a constant battle with my parents when I was younger to get me to pick up after myself, because frankly, who cares if my backpack is still sitting in the doorway? I’ll move it when it’s time to do my homework.

My husband and I have an agreement, wherein he kindly reminds me to pick up after myself, and then…I do. Yes, I suppose I am similar to a child, and I’m sure he is not pleased with having to ask me to pick my sheet music up off the floor after ukelele practice, or roll up my yoga mat after I exercise, but it just isn’t on my radar. I can’t help it. I am busy thinking about other things.

When I do clean up after myself without him mentioning it, I announce it proudly, as though I deserve some kind of recognition. Which I do. Because I am doing something I don’t care about, just because I care about him.

At work it is not uncommon for a co-worker to say “Is that your coffee cup?”, referring to the environment-killing styrofoam beverage container left by the coffee machine. And to this I reply “Yes…I was drinking my coffee but then the phone rang and I had to leave it over there.” Which I did.

To be fair…I do not tidy, but I do clean.

The Hubby will tell me he cleaned the bathroom, when what he really means is he picked up the discarded clothing and towels from the floor. I actually clean fairly regularly, using actual cleaning products (home-made ones to boot!), because while clutter doesn’t bother me, dirt and germs certainly do. So regardless of the fact that my work station is covered with books and papers and water bottles right now, who in the office makes sure all the doorknobs, keyboards and light switches are disinfected daily? This girl.

Priorities, people.


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