30 Days of Truth: Ani DiFranco

30 Days of Truth, Day 13: A band or artist who has got you through a hard time

Dear Ani,

What can I say? You were with me during a time in my life where I felt like I was drowning. I had no power, lacked the ability to accept myself, and desperately needed a clear, loud voice to follow.


I grabbed onto your music like it was a life raft. I asked myself “What would Ani do? What would Ani say?” I was empowered by your “take-no-shit” attitude. I was inspired by your raw vulnerability. Your lyrical genius pushed me to work harder on my own writing.


Whether you were writing about feminism, abuse, heart-break, shitty parents, being queer, social issues, you made me feel like my life–and the direction it took–was up to me, and no one else.



You made me believe that greatness is possible from anyone.



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