30 Days of Truth: Heroes


30 Days of Truth, Day 14: a hero that let you down

This prompt stumped me so badly that I didn’t even write yesterday’s post. The truth is, I have no heroes–none that I haven’t written about for this project already.

There was my father, and then there was my mother.

There were teachers along the way who did not help me when it was clear I desperately needed them, and people who promised to help me through the hell that was my adolescence, and then just disappeared into thin air.

Counselors, friends, lovers, Daddies and Doms alike.

Jesus himself.

But can I point to one particular person who I had on a pedestal, who let me down? I could grasp at straws or beat a dead horse, but frankly, it is humanness that has let me down. People are flawed. People make mistakes. They hurt us. They flake. They disappoint, and they flat-out forget.

It is impossible for me to point the finger at anyone else’s show of humanness, without having more fingers pointing back at me. We are all just trying to get by. I depend on others, and when they come through, I show my gratitude. When they don’t…I pull myself up and depend on myself.


2 Comments on “30 Days of Truth: Heroes”

  1. Cinnamon says:

    Proud of you girl. 🙂

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