30 Days of Truth: Religion and Politics

30 Days of Truth, Day 19: Yours views on religion or politics.

I have written at length about my views on religion here, and here. So the only other thing I have to say about this topic can be summed up with the following graphic:


Onto politics.

I have always had an interest in politics–ever since my 9th grade civics class. I think engagement in politics is important, because it’s one of the most effective means we have of changing the world. Politically, you would call me a democrat or a liberal–but deep down inside, I am a radical, raving socialist. Everyone having a home, food, clothing, and the right to an education is a belief that I hold very deeply.

I could go on, for hours, days, years….but instead of getting up on my soapbox, I’m just going to let Pinterest do the talking for me.

sharing humanrights protest housing food stamps equality activism

Peace out!


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