30 Days of Truth: Why’s the rum gone?

30 Days of Truth, Day 20: Your views on drugs and alcohol.


Big fan of alcohol here. Sometimes I drink too much and get out of control, as documented here and here…and probably elsewhere too. Oops.


Lately I am drinking less when I am upset or feeling bad, and just having a drink or two here and there with dinner. This is a major improvement.


As for drugs, I’m mainly a just-say-no type of girl. I smoked weed habitually in my first year of high school, and then quit, because frankly I was bored of it. Every once in a while (and I mean maybe once every couple of years) I will smoke a joint, but I can definitely take it or leave it and usually prefer to leave it.

As for harder drugs, I think there are some I would enjoy the effects of, but having a highly addictive personality, I have always known it was not a good idea for me to go there. The one other drug I might consider, would be E–I’m very curious about having sex while on it! But I think I’m too risk-averse to try something like that. I’m a worst-case-scenario type of girl, and I’m not sure the rewards outweigh the risks on that one.


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