30 Days of Truth: Hope


30 Days of Truth, Day 25: The reason you believe you are still here today.

I am still here because of simple, stubborn perseverance. I’m here because every morning I wake up and I decide to live. I don’t think there is a higher purpose for my life, but I do believe that I am free to create purpose in how I live. There are things that keep me going, and they are the simple things.


The sun. Hugs. A delicious cup of specialty coffee. Sex (we knew I’d get to that one sooner or later!).The smell after it rains. The little bits of love and kindness I receive from those around me, that I weave into a soft blanket to keep me warm.Bubble baths.


The ability to spread joy. The knowledge that I do not have to take everything absolutely seriously.The fact that the ocean is out there, even though I have not seen it for such a long time. The phases of the moon and the light it throws.

oceanKnowing that each day is a chance for everything to change. The blossoms in the spring. The long summer days. The colours of the fall. The frosting of the winter. My babies telling me they love me. The endless opportunities that are open from just existing in the world.

hugsHope. Stubborn, gutsy, resillient, immortal hope.


gutsThat is why I’m still here.

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