30 Days of Truth: Unplanned Pregnancy


30 Days of Truth, Day 28: What would you do if you got pregnant, or got someone pregnant?

I have had three unplanned pregnancies. I used birth control, but apparently the combination of my husband’s biology and mind is extremely potent. The first two pregnancies, I continued, and I have my son and daughter to show for it. The last one, I terminated.

It hate that word–“terminated.” It is ugly. I still have conflicting feelings over my decision. I am pro-choice, and I am also pro-life. I do not like abortion–I mean, who does? But sometimes it is the choice that will cause the least amount of harm for the greatest number of people.

That’s where I was. I don’t regret it, though it does make me sad to think about. To find peace, I look at it this way: If I had never become pregnant, the person resulting from my third pregnancy would not exist, either. So the outcome is the same–I do not have a third child. There is no third person in the world with my DNA. No additional sibling for my children. No additional baby for me. It hurts to think about it, but I was not physically, mentally, emotionally or financially able to handle another pregnancy. I just couldn’t.

To read more about the experience, click here.

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