30 Days of Truth: Intuition

30 Days of Truth, Day 29: What is one thing you wish you could change about yourself?


This was a tough one. Not because I can’t think of anything I want to change about myself, but because there are too many things.

I think I have it narrowed down to two things that kind of go hand in hand.  1) I need to trust my intuition more, and 2) I need to have more confidence in myself.

I second-guess myself a lot. This leads to me doing things that my gut tells me I shouldn’t be doing, because I do not trust my gut. I have learned from bitter experience, that my intuition is usually right. I may not be able to pin-point what I feel is “off”–I may not be able to name it or put it into words–but from now on, I am going to give more credence to my instincts.


I also need to be less afraid to pursue my dreams. I often shy away from taking risks, because I am afraid of either pouring all my energy into something and having it not pan out, or of ending up looking foolish. I need to swallow those fears and just go for it. Submit a story to a publisher. Start a photography side-business. Work on effecting changes that are needed at work, in my community, or in the world. Even if it’s possible I will have to fight–and even if its possible that I will fail.


One Comment on “30 Days of Truth: Intuition”

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