30 Days of Truth: Love Yourself

30 Days of Truth, Day 30: Write a letter to yourself, telling yourself everything you love about yourself.

Dear Me,

I know it’s sometimes hard for you to see it–but believe me when I say, you’re kind of amazing. You always think the best of people, and you are friendly and kind. You care deeply about what happens to others. You could spend all day just listening to their stories, their experiences, their joys and heartaches. The news, or a sad scene in a movie or book, is enough to bring you to tears. It is a pretty remarkable trait–being able to put yourself into someone else’s shoes, and feel what they feel. You are also understanding. You don’t care as much about what someone has done, as you do about why they did it. If they had a good reason, if their motives were pure, or even just misguided, it is easy for you to forgive.


That said, you are also learning to take no shit. Throughout your life, I have watched you slowly develop this ability. You do not necessarily cut people out of your life when they hurt you, but you will put up boundaries where necessary, and will let the people in your life know what is and is not acceptable.

You are also finally starting to realize that you not only deserve better from teachers, employers, friends and family, but from lovers. You are starting to let go of the fear that you will never find another person to love, who loves you the way you deserve, and realizing that fear is a terrible motivator. You are becoming stronger and more courageous.


Aside from how you relate to others, you have a lot of marvelous traits that are all about you. You are creative and easily inspired. You think deeply about just about everything and can get lost in your own thoughts for hours. You are exceptionally curious–you love to learn new things and gain new insight and understanding. You laugh easily, and as serious as you are about the things you’re passionate about, you also love to let loose and have fun. You are a wonderful blend of carefree and intense, mysterious and candid, passionate and mellow, silly and brooding.


You kick ass in the kitchen. You consistently wow people with your specialty of gourmet-tasting comfort food. You devour books like they are oxygen, and you’re a pretty good mom too! Your children adore you, even though they drive you mental and you occasionally lose your shit, because you respect their individuality and encourage them to ask questions and be whoever and whatever they want to be.


And you’re pretty. You don’t look the way you always wish you looked, but trust me, you are beautiful. You have been owning that more and more, too. Ignoring what society says is sexy or beautiful or fashionable, and deciding for yourself that you are kind of fabulous. You are shaking off the desire to be objectified. You might enjoy hearing that you are attractive, but you do not want someone who is with you solely because of what you look like when they bang you, or how you look on their arm out in public. You are realizing that you have value on the inside too, not just on the outside.


You know how to laugh at yourself. You don’t care that you look ridiculous when you dance. You will even be silly and laugh during sex, because sex is play. You are a wonderfully sexual person. You love to fuck, and you own it, but you aren’t letting it own you, anymore. That is pretty incredible.


You are unique, and you refuse to be categorized, boxed in, labelled, belittled, put down, forgotten or ignored. You don’t give a shit if people don’t like you–you learned a long time ago that that’s their problem, not yours.


Hey, you. Remember this. You are not finished yet. You are a masterpiece in progress. But if who you are now is all you ever are, that’s okay. You’re kind of amazing.


2 Comments on “30 Days of Truth: Love Yourself”

  1. Cinnamon says:

    Sweet girl, that was amazing.!!! You need to print that out and read it every day. 🙂
    And you are!

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