Man Clutter (I hate it when she’s right)

All right, I do have man-clutter. A serious case of man clutter. No sooner did I hit “Publish” on my last post, than I received a message from Dark Daddy, trying to arrogantly and somewhat intrusively ascertain how I am doing without him, while at the same time expressing how patient and awesome he is. I’m sure he is thinking that I am pining, regretting my decision to cut him loose, etc. I am not. At all. And I wouldn’t be even if I hadn’t met my Gentleman Friend. I don’t need someone who demands a whole lot and offers nothing but orgasms in return.

Also got a text from another Daddy type who I spoke with on Alt. . .and I don’t know how to tell him I’m not really interested. I could meet with him, but what’s the point? He seems great, honestly, but so what?

Then I got a message from The Sadist, asking if I would like to participate on a reverse gang-bang for his birthday. I told him he can sign me up, because we’re friends, and why the heck not? I learned more from my few sessions with him than I did in my entire relationship with Sugar Daddy or any other Dom. He is legit,  and it would make me happy to do this for him.

And now Sugar Daddy is asking, for the third time, if I can reconsider whether or not I can see him on Friday. No dude, I can’t. You had me on Monday, Gentleman friend’s wife on Wednesday, and you’re spending the weekend with The Girlfriend, so seriously, why do you keep pushing? I already know the answer to that question–he doesn’t like not having the power. He knows he is not a priority for me (he asked me to call him Daddy last week and I laughed out loud), and he wants to try to become one again. Not because he cares about me–we know he does not–but because he wants to be able to Dial-a-Pussy whenever he wants, like its as easy as ordering a pizza.

WTFever dude. I don’t need this in my life. I actually am free on Friday, but I want to stay home, watch a movie with my husband, do my hair, wear my fuzzy PJs, and just chill out. So he will just have to wait until I feel like it. Or until never. Friends with benefits don’t get to insist. Especially not ones who have broken your heart.

Time to do some house-cleaning?


4 Comments on “Man Clutter (I hate it when she’s right)”

  1. KinkyPoly says:

    Some Fwb dont understand benefits are just that, benefits. Not a right.

  2. A_Female says:

    What the hell is a reverse gangbang? LMAO!! I thought I’d been around the cock block a few times…now I’ve heard everything. Grab a Swiffer and get to it. Friday movie night will feel that much more relaxing.

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