andthenEveryone should have someone who invites them over when they’re sick. No expectation of sex, just a hot bath, tea, pampering, warm blankets, and a chance to sleep through the night without having to escort anyone to the bathroom.

Even if it is not forever, I will remember this for the rest of my life.

This morning, after passing out in Gentleman Friend’s guest room at 9:30 last night, he and I woke up and crawled into bed with his Wifey. We had snuggles, and took selfies, and chatted, and scolded the kitten who just wanted to play but is not allowed in the bedrooms because Wifey and I are allergic.

Then Gentleman Friend took me home, after a quick detour through a drive-thru for coffee for us, and Donuts for my kiddies.

Last night, he said he couldn’t believe he met me. This morning he told me that I am an amazing girl. I don’t even know how to classify how I am feeling right now. I am trying to enjoy every single moment, and not obsess about the future.


He is showing me that quality men actually exist. He is helping me to understand what I deserve, just by being his wonderful self.

That is worth everything. I feel like this is the kind of poly that I dreamed of when I first started this. Sex and passion, yes–but also, being taken care of. Having people. It’s too soon to be sure–but at what point is anyone really sure?


I’m not saying I “just know”, or that “this is it.” But possibilities. . .they are thrilling.

2 Comments on “Possibility”

  1. plantpage says:

    So very awesome. You deserve it.

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