The L Word


I had a great night last night.

I had a yummy home-cooked dinner with Gentleman Friend, wifey and their daughter, and after she did the dishes in thanks for letting her eat with us ha ha, his daughter left and Gentleman Friend, Wifey and I had some alone time.

Threesomes are so different when they are with people you are connected with, and care about. They do not have to be all porn-y (although we did take the occasional photo and video!). Most of the time, it was each of us getting our fantasy of being pleasured by two people at once.

When he left the room to get dessert, Wifey and I proved that, regardless of what was said on Orange is The New Black, scissoring is a thing! All you need is a we-vibe and you can get off, pussy to pussy, quite nicely.

Undies were strewn all over the house, toys were used, and I tied up my first ever woman. . .But it never felt anything but intimate and playful and loving.

By the way. . .that word was used. The “L” word. “Love.”

“I love you,” he mouthed from across the bed.

“I love you,” I mouthed back.

How is it possible that I am so affected by something I can’t even define?

We fell asleep all snuggled, switching places occasionally throughout the night so we each got some time in the middle.

This morning we played a little more, and then Gentleman Friend made us all breakfast, and we spent a couple hours together before they took me home.

It was a good night, and a good morning.

I’m thankful.

6 Comments on “The L Word”

  1. KinkyPoly says:

    Beautiful! Glad you had a nice experience

  2. I’ve gotta ask, and I mean this in an absolutely non-judgmental tone. What do your kids think of you being gone so much, and overnight? Do they ask where you are? What does your husband tell them?
    I have young kids as well, and if I am gone one night a month having dinner with friends, they pitch a fit.

    • Hi! Sorry it took me so long to reply to this. I always remembered about this comment when I was nowhere near my computer lol.

      Most of the time my kids are fine. I work later in the day and usually don’t get home until after they are in bed anyway, so me not being there for dinner or whatever is just normal. When I have a date after work they don’t notice because they don’t see me until the next morning anyway.

      When I am gone overnight I usually stop for donuts on the way home for them to have in the morning, and that seems to be a decent trade off for them lol. Although Gentleman Friend and I have talked about having sleepovers just be a once in awhile thing. I personally would rather be in my own bed and prefer to be there when the kids wake up in the morning, so he let me know that he is perfectly great with driving me home at 1 AM or whenever, and I don’t need to ever feel obligated to spend the night. So, that’s good 🙂

  3. plantpage says:

    Very awesome

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