Me, Myself, and You


I came across this quote the other day, and it jumped right out at me. This is something I have been struggling with since I started dating outside of my marriage, and something that, amazingly, I am not having to struggle with anymore.

I accept that I am not everyone’s cup of tea–and I don’t want to be. I am a lot, and for some people, I am too much. Too intense, too passionate, too emotional, too silly, too loud, too, sassy, too horny–too much of this, or too much of that.

I like myself, and I accept myself, but I haven’t always been lucky enough to find partners who feel the same. A lot of men have enjoyed me, been attracted to me, or liked me, but that isn’t the same as accepting me. For some, I have been too outspoken. For others, too emotional. For some I have been too sexually aggressive, not demure enough in public, or too child-like in the way I get excited over little things and have no shame.

It seems like I have finally found someone who gets that I am perfectly me. Someone who doesn’t care if I drink too much white wine and drunkenly spill it all over the floor, or that one moment I’m sobbing hysterically, and the next, I’m laughing my head off. He doesn’t care if I make an ass out of myself in public, doesn’t get embarrassed if I pull him behind me at a full run, and is willing to indulge my spontaneity and “Yes, let’s do that right now!” attitude. He doesn’t shame me for being insatiable, or try to push my sexual boundaries. He doesn’t tell me I should dress slutty when I prefer to be girlish, and actually likes tweed and  lace and knee-socks and polka dots.

Not only does he not want to change me–he joins me. He tells the barista his name is Clark Kent so it gets yelled out when our coffee is ready, and I can call him my hero. He joins me in running across the street and taking a leap onto the curb because that’s more fun than walking. He will have rowdy conversations with me about swinging, loudly dropping the F-bomb, because who gives a shit?

He makes me more myself, not less.

I am crazy about him. And he is crazy about me.

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