The Polidays, Part IV


(Part I, Part II, Part III)

Papa Bear and I had a date scheduled for December 30th–one day before the New Years Eve we would not be spending together, one day after he’d revealed the real reason why. Usually when I have a date with Papa Bear, it is like Christmas Eve. I am so excited and happy and full of anticipation. This time, I think I was hurting. I was desperate to see him, but it was because I very badly needed to be with him and experience our love up close.

It was a two-part date. It was supposed to have been all day, but Papa Bear’s in-laws had decided to come down a day early (don’t even ask me how we all felt about that), so we had to move things around a bit. We decided we’d spend the morning together, then he’d take me home, go back to the house to greet his in-laws and have an early dinner with them, and then come back and take me out for the evening. We had planned to spend all day exploring the city and then going back to his place to have sex, but I took what I could get.

The day turned out to be exactly what we needed. He came for me, and we talked, and held hands, and drank coffee on the way to his place. Curled up on the couch, we alternated between deep conversation and intimate silence. We held each other and loved each other. After awhile, The Wifey came home with their daughter (she needs a name, so we’ll call her Lucy, inspired by the Peanuts character she reminds me of).


We chatted for a bit and they showed us what they’d bought on their shopping trip. We teased the cat by bouncing reflections off the floor, watched funny videos on the computer, and just hung out together. Lucy snapped a photo of Papa Bear and I snuggling on the couch, and we made plans to have a family photo session done in the new year. Because we are a family–and it means even more that we have chosen to be one. Families squabble, feelings get hurt, people feel neglected, and sometimes we avoid each other–but just like families by birth or marriage, we love each other, too.

Papa and I hadn’t had lunch, so he took me to a gourmet burger place where we sat and talked some more. I can’t even tell you what we talked about, only that we were together, and it was wonderful. After lunch we needed some more alone time, so we did one of our favourite things–we drove out to a look-out point, drank hot chocolate in the car, and snuggled in the back seat. We could see the river valley all stretched out below us–blue water, green trees, and dark earth, all frosted with snow. Gorgeous. We could have fallen asleep like that. I desperately wanted to just curl up with Papa Bear and sleep for the rest of the afternoon. He hadn’t slept a wink all night, and verbalized the same desire. Sometimes you need nothing more than to just curl up with someone you love.

Eventually he got a text that his in-laws were here, so he drove me home.

“I kind of like this two-part date,” I told him. “It’ll give me a chance to get all gussied up for dinner tonight.”

He smiled his appreciation. We kissed. We hugged and didn’t want to let go.

“I love you,” we said. Then “Jinx.”

That night’s date was just amazing as the morning had been. We’d reconnected earlier in the day, and now we were going to have fun. We went to a mall that is actually more of a tourist attraction, and took photos in the photobooth. We’d both dressed up for it–I wore a triple strand of costume pearls, a black dress, and a red bow in my hair. Papa Bear wore a tweed blazer and fedora. We kissed, made funny faces, and smiled, as the photo booth captured us. Then we held hands, and waited.

The pictures were adorable, and are pretty much the embodiment of “us”. Neither of us is married to a person who would get dressed up to do something as ridiculous as take pictures in a photo booth. Both of our partners would be too embarrassed, or think it was too silly. We bring that out in each other.

After that, Papa Bear took me shopping. We picked out a skirt and a beret for me, and he also bought me my princess panties (which will be getting their own post soon!). Then we went to dinner, took selfies, drank paralyzers, and talked about our relationship.

After dinner we went out to another lookout point (it’s a thing lol), and fucked hard, with my hand pressed against the window, Titanic-style.

I bet you’re wondering, what happened with The Wifey? What did you decide, in terms of being a secondary? What’s changed in your relationship?

I’ll get to that, but this day was just too wonderful to skip over. It was wonderful, even though it involved compromise. It was wonderful even though it was separated into two parts due to family obligations, and it was wonderful even though we spent half of it in the car, hiding out from his in-laws. It didn’t change how we felt about things and how hard we were struggling to reconcile our love with the facts of our life, but sometimes you need to take a break from fighting the hard battles, and just enjoy what you have.

We would have that talk soon enough. He’d talk to his wife, and then talk to me. Stay tuned for part V.

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