Life is Good


It’s Valentines Day. I’m at home with my hubby and kids. I made heart shaped pancakes for breakfast, we watched 101 Dalmatians, and the kids got candy and cards.

The Hubby and I don’t celebrate Valentines Day, though we did when we were dating. For our first, he bought me The Notebook movie, and a pot of daisies (I would SO much rather receive potted plants than a bouquet of flowers–still dreaming of the day a man brings me a pot of dill to grow in my window.) I don’t remember what I got him, but I know that it was likely a sappy, sentimental, engraved knick knack.

We had dinner…somewhere. We parked the car at a lookout point, cranked the music, and slow danced outside–in the cold. In February. I was soooo in love.

After that first year, we made it our tradition to go to a Mongolian grill for Valentines Day. Reason being, no one else thought that build-your-own-stir fry was romantic, so it was so quiet in there you could hear a pin drop. We generally had the whole place to ourselves, and who doesn’t love stir-fry!?

Like I said, we don’t celebrate Valentines Day with each other anymore. A few years back, Hubby decided that Valentines Day was stupid, arbitrary, and put too much pressure on couples and singles alike, so he proposed we celebrate International Women’s Day instead. I thought it was kind of weird, but since Valentines Day is stereo-typically for women anyway, he said he’d prefer to celebrate me as a woman, not as half of a couple. Works for me. I still get a nice dinner and gifts!

This works out very well this year in particular, as I am spending the day with my family, and tonight with Papa Bear. Last night Papa Bear took me to get my first ever manicure, and today we are doing dinner and spending the night at a hotel. I can’t wait. It will be one of the first times that we have ever had total privacy–no chance of interruptions, no distractions, just us, and a king sized bed, Jacuzzi and fireplace.

In exchange for Papa Bear not spending New Years with me, The Wifey said we should spend Valentines Day together. So we are, and I could not be happier about it. He took her to breakfast this morning and  gave her a present (a cute necklace with a velvet heart).

I have a lot of thoughts on polyamory and where things are going, but I need to process them more and take some real time to figure them out.

Today though, the sun is shining, the ground is glittering with new snow, and I get to spend some real time with the people who mean the most to me. Life is good.

One Comment on “Life is Good”

  1. neo says:

    I really like your blog. How does your husband feel about polyamory ? Does he have other partners? Would be nice if you gave some details about what kind of see you have with your men.

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