Pretty sure I’m going to fuck him. I”ll deal with the consequences later.

4 Comments on “Slipping”

  1. A_Female says:

    What are the consequences?

    • I lose control. I go back to craving illicit sex with every cell in my body, 24/hours a day. Sex becomes my drug and my god and I need it. I am willing to do absolutely anything or anyone to get it. I can’t focus on anything else. I become cranky, short, hostile, distracted, until I have a cock in me. I crave it so much I can’t think of the consequences. I don’t insist he wears a condom. I go home with strangers who may be dangerous. I cut down on family time in order to have someone inside me. I feel like I. will. literally. die. unless i get laid again, and soon.

      • A_Female says:

        Yeah, that’s pretty close to where I’ve been lately. Shit’s about to hit the fan though. I’m like a robot getting more and more self-aware. Time to cut some people loose for me.
        I hope you’re able to work through whatever it is that’s got you so dope sick. We deserve so much more. We’re worth more than our overcharged libidos will let us believe.
        At the very least if you do end up letting go, I hope you can let yourself take care of you enough to practice safe sex.
        Hugs from a like mind trying to beat this struggle. 🙂

  2. plantpage says:

    That’s my girl.

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