I Saw Stars


I fucked him. Good god, it was hot. That unmistakable, delicious energy you get when you’re sitting inches away from someone, looking into their turquoise eyes, talking coyly about anything at all, and you know they’re about to be inside you.

I love sizing them up. His huge hands made my breath catch in my throat. He had freckles on his tattooed arms. His hair was reddish brown, he was chewing gum, and I couldn’t help remembering the biceps from his photo.

He gave me a drink. I downed it in less than a minute. We laughed, and he asked me if I wanted another. I said yes. We went into the bedroom. We kissed. Groaned. Groped each other. He undressed me, pulling off his shirt, then mine. His pants, then mine. We kept kissing. He was a good kisser. Urgent and gentle and hot and surprising. He licked my neck and my nipple and between my legs. I gave him a hickey on his bicep, and sucked him until I swallowed his cum, then licked him clean.

He fingered me. I jolted and moaned. He laughed at how cute I am when I jump. We talked. Well, he talked–I listened. I do that. Draw people out, so I can get a sense of them, without giving anything away myself. Its why I should have been a therapist–everyone tells me that–if only I could get my own shit together. Get sane. Get stable.

I sucked him hard, and he slid his huge, veined, curved cock between my legs. I screamed as he entered me. I was dying for it. Panting. He pounded me HARD. Just like I needed him to. He moved me into different positions like a pretzel. He told me to get on my hands and knees and banged me from behind. He slid down on top of me and rubbed my insides with his dick, while playing with my clit. I screamed so hard I was surprised I had any voice left. He came in me. At least I’d been smart enough to use a condom.

We lay panting and sweaty, muttering curses under our breath. Hot. Horny. Half-crazy. He got me another drink, and I went to clean up. We cuddled. Stroked each other. Talked.

“We should go soon,” he said.
I wrapped my leg around his, not letting go.
“Let me up,” he said. “It will be worth it.”
I let him up.
He slid another condom over his enormous, throbbing cock, grabbed my leg, and pushed inside me.
I saw stars.


2 Comments on “I Saw Stars”

  1. plantpage says:

    Awesome! So happy for you my lil slut.

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